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Holistic Treatment

Holisting Living : From Ancient Indian Perspective

Holisting living is inclusive living. To develop finer tastes not only in terms of our food habits, but also in every aspect of our life.
Food from ancient Indian perspective should be boiled, half boiled with not much spices. This is very important for digestion, and for focus the entire intellect to a higher level of contemplation, to achieve more inclusive success in life.
Food is not only for our appetite but plays a pivotal role in controlling taste buds. Why control taste buds? As taste buds is the primary starting point for controlling senses. Why should senses be controlled? Because of a simple formula : A calm mind and stable intellect can be pivotal for internal peace and powerful actions in the world.
Holisting living also encompasses cultivating finer taste in terms of how we dress our body, is it too gaudy, too loud? is it simple. So the question arises is to what kind of people that we like to attract using our dress sense? Is it people of higher thinking or people who get carried away by body centric tastes?
Holistic living includes powerful Yogic practices. By Yoga we not only mean Asanas (stretching exercises) but also a rudimentary path of exercising self control at every level, at our body level, emotional level and at the intellectual level.
This is the reason that every form of cultural/art form like music, dance in traditional Indian practices were always devoted to a higher power within us, these traditional art forms exist even now and when we develop a taste for it, gives a very powerful soul stirring experience that cannot be compared to music/art forms that exist for mere entertainment or for satisfying our senses.
Holisting living therefore is a complete set of routine practices of lifestyle that we lead, who are the why do we like to meet people, is it only for entertainment, is it only for our limited personal glory or is it for more?
What are the kind of actions we do, are these actions only for our self centred needs? Are we able to think and fit in others’ perspectives in our actions?
Holistic living therefore challenges us to wake up to our fullest potential and to use this potential to leverage out powerful actions to make us more ethical human beings with a very broad vision to reach out to the world…
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