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 North East India  >>  Arunachal Pradesh   >>  Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary
Spread over 1850 sq km, the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Also a Tiger reserve, this National Park has topography with altitudes ranging from plains to 4500 m. The diverse vegetations of the sanctuary provides a natural habitat to a diverse range of birds and animals. The wildlife Sanctuary maintains its virginal, unexploited beauty due to inaccessibility to the greater part of the sanctuary maintains its virginal. Unexploited beauty due to inaccessibility to the greater part of the sanctuary.

The Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary is a combination of various species of trees and shrubs. The sanctuary is covered with wet tropical rain forest. Which has thick lush green undergrowth. With more than  150 species of timber, it is a botanist’s dream destinations. Rare and endangered orchids, and famous medicinal herbs grow in the sanctuary. The forest cover of the wildlife Sanctuary provides a home to a range of rare endangered birds. The White-winged Wood Duck, the Great India Hombill, Jungle fowl and pheasant and more can be sighted in this forest.

Fauna in the sanctuary include Leopard, Gaur or Mithun, Elephant, Himalayan Black Bear, Takin, wild goat. Patkoi range, Musk Deer, slow Loris, Binturong and the red panda, Species like th assumes Macaque, Stump-tailed Macaque and the Hoolock Gibbon can also be spotted here

 How to Reach
Namdapha is accessible from Dibrugarh via its entry point, Miao (112 km)
Airport – Dibrugarh (150 km)
Railhead – Tinsukia (45 km)
Road – National Highway 37 to Makum via Tinsukia; National Highway 38 to Ledo; State highway to Miao; link road to Deban.
A forest of sublime beauty
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