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Unique Tourist Destinations
A Crocodile Guards the Temple in Kerala
The Ananthapura temple located in Kasaragod is the only lake temple in Kerala and it is famous for the legend that a divine crocodile named “Babia”, that guards the temple, and when one crocodile dies, another one appears in the lake mysteriously!
History of the Lost Indian City that Traded with Romans
If you want to have a glimpse of Rome, visit Arikamedu, the only city with an archaeological record of Roman presence in India. Famous for manufacturing amazing bead jewelry, the glass beads site here was considered as the “mother of all bead centers” in the world.
Exemplary Indian Villages for the Country
India, having an agro-based economy, depends the most on its villages for growth. The gaon always has that distinct nostalgic charm that Indians alone can understand. Sarson ke khet, tea plantations, mud houses, clean air, charpaai, mitti, star-lit sky
Five Offbeat Tourist Destinations in Rajasthan
We have all heard of the amazing Hawa Mahal and the breathtaking forts of Rajasthan. Here is a Rajasthan you have probably never seen before. This year, stay away from the popular tourist circuit and explore these five hidden and offbeat destinations.
Remote and Inimitable Places in India
There are many place in India which are famous but less explored, these place are located in the majestic mountains, deep forest and desert region of India. If you’re tired of feeling from the everyday noise; we have the perfect list of places in India that you can stay
Stepwell Built by a Queen in Memory of her Husband
Step wells of India have always mesmerized tourists from far and wide, for their unique architecture and carvings. Not only does Rani ki vav in Gujarat belong to this class of picturesque landmarks of India, it also has a special historical beginning to it.
The Smallest Inhabited River Island in the World
Not very far from Guwahati city but not too close either, perched on the gigantic Brahmaputra river, is the island of Umananda. It is the smallest inhabited river island in the world and is one with unusual stories beginning with even how it got its name.
The Haunted Place in India - No One is Allowed After Sunset
A wizard once cursed the town which led to its destruction – one of the many ghost stories and supernatural experiences you will hear about when you visit Bhangarh, the “ghost town” of India which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country.
The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple
The beautiful 16th century Veerabhadra temple, also known as Lepakshi temple, is located in the small historical village of Lepakshi in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, about 15 km east of Hindupur and approximately 120 km north of Bangalore.
Dras - The Coldest Inhabited Place in India
The picturesque hamlet of Dras is situated about 60 km away from Kargil, on the road to Srinagar. Popularly known as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’, Dras is the coldest inhabited place in India and the second coldest inhabited place in the world (Siberia being the first).
Indian Monuments Built by Women
The social, political and architectural history of India is dominated by men. The country’s most famous monument, the Taj Mahal, is dedicated to a woman, yet very few people know that there are many beautiful historic structures that were commissioned by women in the past.
Amazing Facts About the Langar at the Golden Temple
Since the time of Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikh people who started the tradition in 1481, the Golden Temple in Amritsar has been serving free hot meals, also known as langar, to people of all religions and faiths who come to its doors every day.
Fascinating Facts about Indus Valley Civilisation
In the late 1820s, a British explorer in India named Charles Masson stumbled across some mysterious ruins and brick mounds, the first evidence of the lost city of Harappa. Thirty years later, in 1856, railway engineers found more bricks.
Adventure Related Getaway of Tirthan Valley
Perched at an altitude of over 1600 meters above sea level, the riverside retreat of Tirthan is an adventure-centric getaway blessed with a wealth of nature’s treasures. Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan Valley derives its name from Tirthan river.
Laitlum Canyons of the Meghalaya
The awe-inspiring vistas of this hidden canyon will make you fall in love with Meghalaya all over again. Perched in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong, Laitlum Canyons is a little-explored haunt of the mountainous state of Meghalaya. Laitlum translates to ‘end of hills’.
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