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India is known as one of the few countries in the world that has a heritage dating back centuries ago. Well it can be proved till date as the temples stand witness to the rich cultural heritage of our country. Travel to the north of the country or the south there are temples and heritage sites that will take your breath away. Some are so profound with beauty that they are made tourist spots for people not only in the country but for tourists from abroad too.

Some famous temples to mention are the Khajuraho Temple, Badrinath, Pushkar, Tirupati, Kanyakumari, Srimahavirji, Kedarnath, Dwarkadeesh, Ajanta Cave Temples, Kalkaji, Birlamandir, Lotus temple and Meenakshi temple. These however are the very famous ones. But if one loves to take a tour of temples then South India boasts of the best the country has. They are beautiful with architecture resounding from the tip that rises meters into the sky to its very edge that settles on the ground. Inside, outside there is drama in every window, door, steps and even in the bells that complete the temple.
Also the rituals are very simple and temples are less orthodox in the North as compared to the South, where the rituals are elaborate and very long. The stone deities are dressed in the best and taken for processions during the year. The richer the temple the more elaborate is the festivities. Also the temples in Kerala are starkly different from the temples in the other three states.


Temples of Maharashtra:
The land of temples and shrines, Maharashtra has long attracted travel enthusiasts who look for peace and solitude. It'll let you set out on a religious pursuit during which you can embrace your spiritual side.       more...
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