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Discover Spirituality, Vedic Culture and Eastern Philosophy
…But if you want the real treasure of India, the spiritual heritage of the East, it can be found if you are determined… Whether you understand it all or not, it is bound to awaken a part of you that you never knew existed or have rarely experienced. You may either be confused by it, or you may find that you are quite at home with it, feeling a spiritual tranquility, the likes of which you've hardly attained before.
Stephen Knapp
Spirituality is a way of life. There is a lot of interrelatedness between the Indian philosophy of life (Vedanta) and Buddhism. But to understand it and experience it, is a challenge and needs complete determination.
The word Yoga, derived from Sanskrit word, yuja means oneness with your own True Self. Although we may all seem like mortal beings with a definite life span, the spiritual aspect of life teaches us that we are immortal and the mortal aspect is just an illusion. This presents a whole new set of perception. India is a land of spiritual masters.
There are different approaches to this subject and different schools of thought. It is a combination of mind cleansing using different means, the shortest possible route is:
  • Acquire knowledge
• Contemplate, practice and apply
• Participate in Satsang (good company), ask questions, discuss
• Develop purity of heart
• Self realize
Keep a watch on this space or let us know your interest we will send you more details on how to go about this.
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