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Historical Monuments

India’s ancient culture is reflected in its historical monuments namely, Forts, palaces, temples, monasteries, caves and tombs. These magnificent buildings were built by different rulers. Each ruler had left his indelible mark on the monuments that were built during his time. It is not very difficult to distinguish a monument built by the Mughals from that built by the British. Almost all regions in India can boast of some historical monument or fort. A variety of architectural forms that have rem3ained unchanged through the ages can be seen throughout India.

Cultural heritage tourism can have a tremendous economic impact on local economies. To economic benefits like new businesses, jobs and higher property values, tourism add less tangible but equally important payoffs. A well-managed tourism program improves the quality of life as residents take advantage of the services and attractions tourism adds. It promotes community pride, which grows as people work together to develop a thriving tourist industry.
An area that develops its potential for cultural heritage tourism creates new opportunities for tourists to gain an understanding of an unfamiliar place, people or time. With the arrival of visitors in turn come new opportunities for preservation. Well interpreted sites teach visitors their importance and by extension, the importance of preserving other such sites elsewhere.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of cultural heritage tourism is that opportunities increase for diversified economies, ways to prosper economically while holding on to the characteristics that make communities special.
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