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Lakes in India

Lakes of India are not only significant geographically but also are major tourist attractions. India is interspersed with water bodies, such as, rivers, lakes, ponds and others. As far as the lakes of India are concerned there are both natural and man made lakes to be found across the subcontinent. The location of the various lakes in India is an added attraction for the travelers. It is difficult to trace the history of the natural lakes of India. But the manmade ones have a historical background since most of these were built by kings and emperors as reservoirs. The lakes of India are generally categorized as fresh water and brackish lakes. Amazingly enough these water bodies differ from one region to another. Like for instance, the lakes in the Himalayan region will differ from the lakes in the southern peninsula. As a result a regional survey of the lakes of India is easier than that of a historical evolution.


India abounds in water bodies, a preponderance of them manmade, typical of the tropics. The manmade (artificial) water bodies are generally called Reservoirs, Ponds and Tanks though it is not unusual for some of them to be referred to as lakes. Ponds and tanks are small in size compared to lakes and reservoirs.


Water shortages in the lakes, with sources of replenishment seriously impaired, have resulted in bird sanctuaries and fisheries getting affected seriously. Examples are the Keoladeo National Park (Bharatpur Lake), the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary Lake, Dal Lake etc. In spite of taking several engineering measures, the ephemeral lakes in the flood plains of the Ganga and Brahmaputra river basins are not providing the desired economic benefits to the large population dependent on them for livelihood.

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