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  Events and Festivals
Festivals of Meghalaya
Wangala (November)
Wangala Festival of Meghalaya is a very important festival among the Garos of Meghalaya, India. Wangala Festival is a harvest festival held in honour of Saljong, the Sun-god of fertility. The celebration of the Wangala Festival marks the end of a period of toil, which brings good output of the fields. It also signifies the onset of winter.
Doregata Dance
This is a very popular dance festival held in the state of Meghalaya. In this dance the female members try to knock off the turbans of their male counterparts. While dancing if the women are able to knock off the turbans successfully it is followed by a peal of laughter.
Nongkrem Dance (October/November)
Nongkrem Dance is a religious festival in thanksgiving to God Almighty for good harvest, peace and prosperity of the community. It is held annually during October/November, at Smit, the capital of the Khyrim Syiemship near Shillong.
Shad-Suk Mynsiem (April)
This colorful festival of Meghalaya is in fact a thanksgiving festival celebrated during the season of spring all over Khasi hills. The beautiful maidens adorn themselves in traditional finery and men-folk in vibrant colored costumes participate with much enthusiasm in the traditional dance to the accompaniment of drum beats and other musical instruments.
Behdeinkhlam (July)
Behdienkhlam celebrated annually in July after the sowing period is the most important dance festival of the Jaintias. Young men make a symbolic gesture of driving away of the evil spirit, plague and pestilence by beating of the roof of every house with bamboo poles. Also poles of great length are held across the stream Wah-Ait-Nar. People jump on the poles and break them while dancing in the muddy pool of water. A large pole is placed across the stream and two groups contend for the possession of the pole.
Autumn Festival (October/November)
Shillong the capital of Meghalaya becomes vibrant and comes alive during the months of October/November specifically because of the Autumn Festival held here during this time. It is a cultural extravaganza organized by the government of Meghalaya along with other organizations. The event is a means of entertainment and frolic for the inhabitants of Shillong. Apart from the localites of the area, tourists and visitors from all over India gather here during the Autumn Festival in October/November to celebrate the festive spirit of the state of Meghalaya.
Autumn Flower Show (October/November)
Meghalaya one of the most important states of north east India is famous for its natural beauty and serene atmosphere. Flowers are one of the most attractive gifts of nature and holds special place in the hearts of all people. The Autumn Flower show held in Meghalaya is one of its kinds in India. The variety and range of flowers found in the state of Meghalaya is the most exquisite.
Pomblang Lewduh (October)
Pomblang Lewduh is an extremely popular Festival celebrated in the state of Meghalaya. The festival is celebrated in the month of October every year. It is a three day festival full of life and energy. Many activities and events are organized throughout the three days of Festival. The festival is organized in the Smith Area, which is a village also called the “Traditional House of the Queen”. Many tribal dances including the Khasi Dance are performed by the local people of the village.
Seng Kut Snem (November)
The Seng Kut Snem of Meghalaya is a famous festival which is celebrated by the Khasi community. The Khasi festivals are celebrated to uphold the tradition and culture of their community. Khasi Festival Seng Kut Snem is celebrated during the month of November every year. This occasion is mainly celebrated to greet the ancestors of this community and to preserve and protect the Khasi culture. It is to influence the people to preserve their religion and culture.
Wangala Festival (November)
Wangala or Dance of Hundred Drum festival is an important event of the Garos. This festival marks the end of a period of toil, heralding a yield of good harvest. It is performed in honour of 'Satyong', the God of fertility. People, young and old dressed in their in their colourful costumes and feathered head dress, dance to the beat of long cylindrical drums. Held annually in November, the festival may last for a week.
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