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  Events and Festivals
Festivals of Manipur
Lai-Haraoba (May)
Celebrated in the month of May, Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on Lai-Haroba festival, Manipur, India. The festival of Lai-Haroba is characterized by the worship of traditional deities and ancestors. According to the legends, in the beginning Guru Sidaba was the greatest lord who lived in dark vacuum. Once the room in which he lived got illuminated with different colors of rainbow, motivating him to create the world. To accomplish this mission he sent, Atiya Guru Sidaba with a creature who maneuvered a wiry network in which human life was to be integrated.
Dol Jatra (February/March)
Yaoshang festival is the premier festival of Manipur and is also known as Dol Jatra. The festival is celebrated for five days starting from the full-moon day of Phalgun i.e. month of February/March. An inseparable part of this festival is the Thabal Chongba dance.
Rath Jatra (June/July)
Ratha Jatra is an important festival of the Hindus living in Manipur. The festival is celebrated for 10 days in the month of Ingen (June/July). In this festival Lord Jaganath leaves his temple in a Rath and the rath is pulled by pilgrims.
Id-ul-Fitr (September)
Eid-ul-Fitr, popularly known as the "Festival of the Breaking of the Fast", occurs as soon as the new moon is sighted at the end of the month of fasting, namely Ramadan. This festival celebrates the end of Ramzan, the Muslim month of fasting. It is an occasion of feasting and rejoicing. Fitr is derived from the word ‘fatar’ meaning breaking. Fitr has another meaning derived from another word fitrah meaning ‘alms’. Special foods and delicacies are prepared for the day and are distributed among neighbours and friends.
Kut Festival (1st November)
Kut festival is a festival of the different tribe’s of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of Manipur. The festival is celebrated on 1st November in the month of autumn and is a happy occasion for villagers whose food stock was plentiful. The festival is a thanks giving festival and is in the honour of the giver of an abundant harvest.
Gang-Ngai (January)
Gang-Ngai is the festival of Kabui Nagas. The festival is celebrated for a period of five days. The festival opens with the omen taking ceremony on the first day and the rest of days are celebrated by dances and feast.
Chumpha (December)
Celebrated for seven days in the month of December, the Chumpha festival is a great festival of the Tanghul Nagas. The festival is held after harvest. The last three days are devoted to social gatherings and rejoicing. Unlike other festivals women play a special role in the festival. The concluding part of the festival ends with a provession within the village.
Christmas (December)
The Christmas is the greatest festival of all the Christains of Manipur, observed for two days on December 24 and 25. Prayers, reading of Gospels, eating, singing of hymns, lectures on Christ, sports etc., form the major part of the festival. In some villages where the inhabitants are well-off, the celebration continues till Janaury 1 on which the New Years day is also observed.
Cheiraoba - The Manipur New Year (April)
During the festival, people clean and decorate their houses and prepare special festive dishes which are first offered to various deities. Celebrated during the month of April, a part of the ritual entails villagers climbing the nearest hill tops in belief that it will enable them to rise to greater heights in their worldly life. The Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) also observe it.
Ningol Chakouba (November)
It is a remarkable social festival of the Meiteis. Married women of the family who were married to distant places come to the parental house along with her children and enjoy sumptuous feast. It is a form of family rejoinder to revive familial affection. The festival is also observed by the Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) to a certain extent now-a-days. It is observed on the second day of the new moon in the Manipuri month of Hiyangei (November).
Heikru Hidongba (September)
Celebrated in the month of September, a festival of joy, with little religious significance along a 16 metre wide boat. Long narrow boats are used to accommodate a large number of rowers. Idol of Shri Bishnu is installed before the commencement of the race.
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