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The International Ecotourism Society :
The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ecotourism. Founded in 1990, TIES has been in the forefront of the development of ecotourism, providing guidelines and standards, training, technical assistance, research and publications. TIES' global network of ecotourism professionals and travelers is leading the efforts to make tourism a viable tool for conservation, protection of bio-cultural diversity, and sustainable community development.
Through membership services, industry outreach and educational programs, TIES is committed to helping organizations, communities and individuals promote and practice the principles of ecotourism. TIES currently has members in more than 90 countries, representing various professional fields and industry segments including: academics, consultants, conservation professionals and organizations, governments, architects, tour operators, lodge owners and managers, general development experts, and ecotourists.
Ecotourism Society of India (ESOI)
‘Winds of change’ are blowing across the tourism industry in India. The stark realities of the negative impacts on the environment, ecology and local community are dawning on service providers across the country. This realization is slowly transforming into environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism practices. The Lodges, Resorts, Parks and the travel trade operating in eco-sensitive, natural areas are not only educating travellers but also giving thoughts and action to conservation, pollution, waste management and community development. Changes that are visible!
Government agencies, both at the Centre and in the States, have been formulating & implementing laws, policies and guidelines to protect wildlife, nature and the environment. and giving priority to climate change, carbon footprint and tabulating carrying capacity, to check and minimize the negative impacts.
We realize the enormity of the tasks at hand and still have a long way to go, so that we can leave the nature and all its glory for the generations to come.
Ecotourism Society of India (ESOI) was thus formed to give impetus to this movement for responsible and sustainable tourism practices across the country; and to facilitate and support synergy of policies, initiatives and activities at the National and State level among all players.
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