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Eco Tourism in India

Eco-tourism is a novel section adjunct to the Indian tourism plan. Eco tourism facilitates die-hard nature enthusiast to meet Mother Nature in her chaste glory abundant with opulent bio diversities of flora and fauna.

In essence - Eco tourism means making as ineffectual environmental jolt as possible and assists in to uphold the native folk, thereby heartening the conservation of wildlife and habitats when so journing a site. This is an ideal form of tourism and tourism progress that encourages going back to natural wealth in every aspect of life. It is also the passe-partout to sustainable ecological development.


Eco-tourism is consecrated for preserving and sustaining the diversity of the world's natural and cultural environments. It serves and enthralls its visitors in a way that is imperceptibly impertinent or destructive to the environment and support the native cultures in the locations it is functioning in. Responsibility for both travelers and service providers is the authentic point for Eco tourism.
The "Green Laws" of ecological equilibrium are making people conscious of how human and the natural environment can survive, assisting each other for more time to come. Eco tourism is the only way to overemphasize and protect the environmental and social benefit of tourism. In India also, the progress is gathering drive with more and more travel and travel-related organization's emphasizing the perquisites of the Eco-tourist and proclaiming Eco-tourism in the country.
Whether it is The Eco tourism drive initiated by the green state of Kerala or advancement of Heritage Hotels by Rajasthan, all of these initiatives testify toward the increasing acceptance for Eco tourism in India. Come and explore India through the means of Jungle safari, Photography and the Wildlife viewing that Eco tourism bacons.
  Eco Tourism Destinations :
  • Himachal Pradesh • Rajasthan
  • Andaman & Nicobar • Lakshwadeep
  • Uttaranchal • Madhya Pradesh
  • Kerala • Jammu And Kashmir
  • Andhra Pradesh • Assam
  • Sikkim • West Bengal
  • Lakshadweep • Bihar
  • Andaman And Nicobar  
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