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Eco Category :-

Wildlife :- Experience a wildlife odyssey in India with India Wildlife Tours. India is reputed to be the home

to the finest game parks and tiger reserves, which offer a stunning array of wildlife. India Wildlife Tours presents tours, which have been specially designed to take you to discover some of India's well-known national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
The highlights of these wildlife tours are the exciting jeep safari and elephant rides in "Project Tiger" wildlife reserves at World famous Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks. As a result of initiatives taken in the field of conservation, these parks have seen a significant increase in the number of tigers, which were once on the verge of extinction.
Beaches :- Along its 7000 km of coastline, India boasts of a number of beautiful beaches. The tranquil
environment with abundant greenery around is just perfect to relax and refresh the drained mind and body. Lie on the smooth sandy beaches and soak the warmth of the sun or simply take a quiet walk barefooted on these beaches. The calming effect will easily penetrate deep into your body. The vast stretches of sea water have a unique ability to carry away all your worries and heartaches along with its waves. You can also watch the sun rise and set far in the horizon and appreciate the beauty that is reflected as a reflection in the water
Adventure :- The endless scope of adventure tourism in India is largely because of its diverse topograp-
hy and climate. On land and water, under water and in the air, you can enjoy whatsoever form of adventure in India you want. Adventure tourism in India is meant to provide you an exhilarating experience for life. Many a times in process of having fun, an entirely new aspect of life manifests itself before you and an awareness and appreciation about the surroundings emanates somewhere from deep within your heart.. The forest and the desert region have their own distinct place in providing scope for adventure tourism in India. You can enjoy animal safari, jeep safari, bird watching, wild camp, wildlife safari and jungle trail in the forest region while jeep safari and camel safari are the most favoured adventure sports in the desert region. After all this, if you think the list of adventure sports in India has ended, think again. There is still much left in form of paragliding, hand gliding, hot air ballooning, etc.
Ayurveda Spa :- Ayurveda and spa tourism in India will take you to beautiful places in the country where
trained and expert hands will cast a magical spell and take away not only your physical problems but also a whole lot of mental tensions. It is one trip where you will not mind spending few extra bucks to gain a peace of mind and relaxation of body.
And even if there is no pestering problem as such, you can take an ayurveda and spa trip to India just to revitalize your spirit and body. At the end of your ayurveda and spa tour, you will emerge as a refreshed person, ready to take on life with a renewed vigour.
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