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  Climate and Weather in India
Monsoon Season in India

The monsoon season in India runs from June to September. The question which always comes is that, "Is travel still possible in this season?" As the thought of rain and floods is enough to put an end to any holiday. But you don’t have to let the monsoon ruin your travel plans, and travel can even be advantageous during this time.


The southwest summer monsoon is attracted to India by a low pressure area that's caused by the extreme heat of the Thar Desert and adjoining areas, during summer. Moisture-laden winds from the Indian Ocean come to fill up the void, but because they can't pass through the Himalaya region, they're forced to rise. The gain in altitude of the clouds results in a drop in temperature, bringing about rain.


When the southwest monsoon reaches India, it splits into two parts around the mountainous region of the Western Ghats in south-central India. One part moves northwards over the Arabian Sea and up the coastal side of the Western Ghats. The other flows over the Bay of Bengal, up through Assam, and hits the Eastern Himalaya range.

The southwest monsoon reaches the coast of the southern state of Kerala around June 1. It usually arrives in Mumbai approximately 10 days later, reaches Delhi by the end of June, and covers the rest of India by mid-July. Every year, the date of the monsoon's arrival is the subject of much speculation. Unfortunately, many cities experience flooding at the start of the monsoon and during heavy downpours.
Out of India's major cities, Mumbai receives the most rain, followed by Kolkata while Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad receive comparatively less rain. The eastern Himalaya region around Darjeeling and Shillong, is one of the wettest areas during the monsoon. Travel to this region should be avoided during monsoon time.
Chennai doesn’t receive much rain at all during the southwest monsoon, as the south of India (the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala) gets most of its rainfall from the northeast monsoon, from October to December. Areas that receive the least rain and are most suited for travel during the monsoon include the desert state of Rajasthan, the Deccan Plateau on the eastern side of the Western Ghats mountain range, and Ladakh in the north India.
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