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The Indian film Industry is popularly known as Bollywood.

They call it the ‘world's largest dream' factory, a reference to the 1,000-odd films literally churned out by the Hindi film industry every year. And though films are shot both on location and on indoor sets, it's a visit to Bollywood studios in Mumbai that brings home the true essence of the typical Hindi film and television serial.

Second only to cricket – or is it the other way around? – is the Indian obsession with Bollywood. The glitz, them glam, the masala movie, the melodrama. and the aspirational lifestyles portrayed on screen took the masses by storm several decades ago and the craze is only getting stronger.
Fuelled by the obsession to ‘reach for the stars', it seems it's almost every Indian's ambition to take a Bollywood tour, even if it means only a peep at the actors' homes from the outside.
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Not surprisingly, the famous Mumbai Darshan tour run by the State Tourism Department and private tour operators in Mumbai have a mini Bollywood tour on their itinerary. This usually includes a drive-by the homes of the big stars, including the Bachchans in Juhu, and Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in Bandra.
While Bollywood tours in Mumbai seem to satisfy some of this lust for our on-screen legends and newcomers alike, it's not really enough. It only whets the appetite for more. What fans are really hankering after is a glimpse of their heroes and heroines in action. Oh, for a glimpse of the lovely Katreena or action hero Akshay Kumar!
Well, much of the action takes place on the sets of studios, where a large percentage of films are shot. Unfortunately, there are no structured Bollywood tours in Mumbai except for one – Bollywood Tourism – that takes tourists on location.
Undoubtedly, the place to visit is Filmcity in Goregaon (East). Located in the lush green environs of Aarey Colony are more than 500 acres of land on which more than 40 film studios are located. However, Filmcity, which has hosted the sets and studios where mega-budget films such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas and prime-time soaps and serials have been shot, is out of bounds to the public. The entire area is owned by the government and rented out to film and TV serial production companies for shooting purposes.
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