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What Can You Do to Help Protect Beaches?

Keep all waste produced during your excursions in a safe place to be disposed of properly when you're

back on land.
Always follow label directions for the use and disposal of chemicals.
Take used motor oil, paints, and other hazardous household materials to proper collection sites.
Keep litter, pet waste and grass clippings out of gutters and storm drains so that they don't drain to
near-shore waters.
Boating can cause water quality problems if not carried out in a conscientious manner.
Avoid entering sensitive habitat areas with your boat or other motorized watercraft. Maintain safe boat
speeds to avoid shore erosion.
Trash dumped from boats can pose a threat to humans and marine species.
Maintain and use your marine sanitation devices properly. When the sewage is not disposed of properly,
pathogens and nutrients can enter the water, degrading water quality.
Boat engines that have not been properly maintained can leak fuel into the near-shore waters, causing
water quality degradation.
Preserve existing trees and plant new trees and shrubs to help prevent erosion and promote infiltration
of water into the soil.
Become familiar with your local water resources, whether they are small streams, lakes, or Oceans.
The most effective way to reduce beach water pollution is through pollution prevention efforts. Many of these efforts will require large-scale activities by the central, states or municipalities. But individual pollution prevention efforts can also help reduce beach water pollution.
When you are enjoying the beach, such simple acts as putting your trash in the proper receptacles and using walkovers instead of walking across the sensitive dune systems can maintain the beach for continued use by you and others. You can dispose of boat sewage in onshore sanitary facilities instead of dumping it into the water.
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