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Beaches of Daman and Diu

Daman lies on the coastal side of Gujarat in India and is not far from the Indian metro, Mumbai. Earlier a Portuguese enclave, its bounded on the north and south by the Bhagwan and the Kalem rivers respectively. Daman is a picturesque port town and a popular getaway for the locals.

Devka beach is the most popular beach in Daman. Daman, the capital of the union territory of Daman and Diu, offers great hospitality to visitors with modern restaurants serving exquisite sea food and accommodation to suit every pocket. The beaches of Daman has plenty of gentle winds, soft sands and monumental churches, forts along with enchanting coconut grooves, stately palms and dreamy villages.
Diu on the other hand is an island and cut off from mainland India, and that is where its charm lies. The island of Diu, lies in the Gulf of Combay near Veravd port off the Saurashtra Coast of Gujarat. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, Diu is connected to the mainland by a narrow channel on the north. The untouched tropical beaches of Diu offer out-of-this-world golden beaches, palmgroves and monuments of yesteryears. Nagoa, Ghoghla, Jallandhar, Gomatimata and Chakratirth beaches are the popular beaches of Diu.
Tourist spots include Div Fort, St Paul's and St Thomas churches, temples of Dwarka, Somnath, Palitana and Sansan Gir Sanctuary.
The best part is that Diu is only an hour's flight from Mumbai. Any time is a good time to visit the world class beaches of Diu. Even though an Island, trains and roads connect the island with the mainland. Diu is one of the most beautiful places in India.
  Devka & Jampore Beach
Jampore Beach, in the southern part of Daman close to the Devka Beach, is also a popular weekend getaway. The Beach is washed most of the time by calm waves and is therefore considered a safe place for swimming. Also Jampore beach is a quieter and more serene beach. Even though these beaches lie next to the dry state of Gujarat, they do not follow the rule.
  Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach is a beautiful beach fringed with palm trees and great for swimming. Water sports such as surfing can be enjoyed along the horseshoe-shaped beach. Nagoa Beach is very popular with tourists.
Other beaches located near Diu Town include Jallandhar, Chakratirth and Sunset Point.
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