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Adventure Travel in India


Every year a number of adventure travel enthusiasts hit the rough stretches across India to take back a bagful of wonderful experiences. Adventure travel in India is a unique kind of experience that takes an intrepid traveler to various beautiful places. Many of these places, far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern cities, present a different India. Adventure travel is just the right way to explore these beautiful destinations tucked away in the remote corners of India. Adventure Tours of India offer complete information on various adventure destinations and adventure tours in India.


India with its varied landscape offers adventure travelers a number of adventure sport options. You can take to trekking, climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, skiing, rafting and hiking at different adventure travel destinations in India.


Adventure travel unlike other activities requires more agility and physical fitness. So if you wish to hit the adventure trail in India, you need to be fighting fit to enjoy the frills and thrills of adventure sports in India. Adventure travel is a kind of traveling that demands a high level of endurance and fitness of mind and body. India has a number of adventure sport destinations that one can visit.


With its majestic mountains, dense forests, rocky terrains, gushing rivers and harsh deserts, India offers diverse adventure travel opportunities to an adventure traveler. India is a delight for a nature lover and photographer as the country offers so much that needs to be shown and told to the world outside. As most people outside India still think of the country as not more than a land of snake charmers. Adventure travel in India is a unique opportunity to know a different India, which is peaceful, pollution free and charming.

India is surrounded by the Himalayas on the north and by the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean down south, which make it a perfect combo for adventure sports both on land and water. So if you wish to take an adventure tour that takes you close to the Himalayas, head to the northern states of India that include Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. If water sports are what you love, head to the southern states of India. Some of the northern states also offer wonderful locales for river rafting and canoeing.
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