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Camping in India


Camping is such activity that provides complete relief from the busy city life. Relaxing in the lap of nature amidst the picturesque surroundings is a wonderful experience. Camping is a recreational activity and people of all ages can enjoy it. Camping in India is the perfect way to enjoy the beauties of nature. The Himalayan region is a famous camping site in India, which offers a wide range of camping facilities. The green environs, charming countryside climate and tranquil atmosphere of Himalayan region spellbound every one. In fact Camping on the snow-covered mountains thousands of feet above sea level provide an out of world experience.

  Chief Camping Regions: Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.
Best Time for Camping: Camping is suitable throughout the year in Himachal Pradesh and Nainital. While for Rajasthan winter is the best time for camping.

Camping Regions in India


There are many camping sites in India where you can enjoy a complete different lifestyle from city.

Camping in Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh has famous camping sites as Sarachu, Sangla, Kalpa and Kaza. Camping is Himachal Pradesh doesn't require much equipment as most of them are provided by Himachal Tourism Department. If one is interested in some other activities then he may require some equipments. The camps of Himachal Pradesh provide the accommodation, food, in addition they also provide facilities for other past time activities such as hikes, rafting, angling and nature-tours etc.

Camping in Nainital: The hill station of Nainital in Uttarakhand, is famous for wildlife camping. Chitrauli is the most popular wildlife camping sites here, which is considered as a prime trekking paradise in this region. Trekking in Chitrauli provide the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains and the Ratighat Valley. Chitrauli houses beautiful flora and fauna, which attract naturalists, painters, trekkers and bird lovers. The peaceful wild camps in Chitrauli takes one far away from the bustling cities.


Camping in Rajasthan: Camping in Rajasthan takes one close to the royal grandeur of the the desert land. The camps in Rajasthan provide accommodation facilities, traditional foods and entertainment.


Classification of Camping

Camping in India varies depending on the locales and requirements. Camping, however, can be classified into following categories.

Family Camping: Family Camping is the best way to enjoy some of the precious moments of life with your family. It's ideal to develop a close relationship between parents and kids. Family Camping helps you in spending a good time with your young ones and your spouse.

Weekend Camping: Weekend Camping is a good option for those who need a break from their busy schedule. Apart from providing a chance to relax, the weekend camping offers plenty of opportunities for activities like angling, fishing, nature walks and safari.
Wildlife Camping: This type of camping is not much different from normal camping, except that it is not restricted to a particular season. Wildlife Camping works as a recreational program and there is no age limit. It can be enjoyed by any one who wants to explore the nature and learn more about wildlife.

Winter Camping: Winter Camping is yet another wonderful option, which is full of adventures. Since the temperatures remain lower one has to plan the winter camping a little carefully.


Camping Tips


» Clothes should be in accordance with the weather of the particular camping sites.
» The essential items one needs to carry are woollen hats and trousers, long hand cuffs, snow boots and sock liners.
» Other essential items are knife, matches, candles, water purifying pills, a map, compass, blankets, first-aid kit, flashlight, sufficient food and some extra clothes.

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